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Two enrollment pathways are available to diplomates certified prior to 1992 or whose certificates have lapsed.

MOC Track 1

You are a Track 1 diplomate if your certificate expires on or before December 31, 2020.

Activity Description
Fees Pay $2,000 incrementally over 10 years.

Medical Licensure

Maintain a valid and unrestricted license to practice medicine at all times.

Learning & Self-Assessment Activities

Attest to completion of at least 250 CME credits obtained during the 10 years of your MOC cycle.

Quarterly Questions Assessment

Meet the annual passing standard for the Quarterly Questions program at least 3 times before the expiration date of your certificate.

If you have already passed the DOCK Examination during your current MOC cycle, you will begin Quarterly Questions with your next cycle.

Improvement in Medical Practice Menu Activity (1)

Choose 1 activity from the Improvement in Medical Practice menu. Completion before Year 8 of the MOC cycle is encouraged.