Preparing for the Oral

Sample Question

This 42 year old woman has a past history of herpes simplex keratitis involving the right eye. A recent flare up was treated with topical antivirals and corticosteroid. One week ago her eye again became red and painful and she experienced a marked decrease in vision. The photo shows the appearance of her eye at presentation. 


Following presentation of the clinical photograph and the above brief history, the candidate will be asked to discuss proper handling of the case by discussing at least some of the following:

Data Acquistion

  1. History (any additional information from the history that the candidate might want to know) 
  2. Expected findings (what is shown in the photograph and any other findings that should be looked for in the examination) 


  1. Differential diagnosis 
  2. Additional testing (any additional tests or evaluations that might be useful) 


  1. Medical therapy 
  2. Surgical therapy 
  3. Prognosis, risks, informed consent, ethical considerations 

Simulation Video

This video features a simulated encounter that demonstrates questions and answers between an examiner and a candidate. Please note: This video is a demonstration. The questions and answers, as well as the examination materials used in the video, are for illustration purposes only.